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In a Friendly Competition of Beautiful Outdoor Lighting, Would Your Irmo, SC, Home Win?

What if there was a friendly competition among neighbors for outdoor lighting and showing off your Irmo, SC, homes at night? Would it be house vs. house and yard vs. yard, or neighborhood vs. neighborhood? How big would the stakes be? Bragging rights!

“Outdoor Lighting” is a pretty broad category, so we had better narrow it down to some more manageable sub-categories for this friendly competition.

How about these:

  1. Best Irmo SC Exterior Lighting
  2. Best Irmo SC Nighttime Curb Appeal
  3. Best Irmo SC Landscape Lighting – Front Yard
  4. Best Irmo SC Landscape Lighting – Back Yard
  5. Best Irmo SC Pathway Lighting
  6. Best Irmo SC Pool Lighting
  7. Best Irmo SC Patio Lighting and Deck Lighting
  8. Best Irmo SC First Prize All-Around Lighting
  9. Best Irmo SC Halloween Lighting
  10. Best Irmo SC Christmas Lighting

How Will You Compete for Best Outdoor Lighting in Irmo SC?

The first thing to do if you want to have a chance is call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia to set your appointment for an outdoor lighting design consultation. One of our professional lighting designers will meet with you at your home. We like to start by discussing your goals for outdoor lighting at your Irmo, SC, home.

If you’re entering a neighborhood outdoor lighting contest, whether it is hypothetical or real, be sure to tell us about that. We are big fans of outdoor lighting contests year round, not just during the holidays! We will do anything in our power to give you a great chance of winning! If you are competing against some of our other lighting clients in the Irmo, SC, area, we give you all an equal chance of taking home the prize.

Exterior Lighting is a huge category. It refers to architectural lighting where strategically placed fixtures highlight the most beautiful, interesting and unique features of your home’s architectural façade. The exterior beauty of any Irmo SC home will be enhanced dramatically with exterior lighting. Whether the front of your home has an interesting gabled roofline, a textured stone front, columns, a vaulted entry or arched windows, exterior lighting will show off your home tastefully.

Nighttime Curb Appeal is an interesting category because it combines two elements: exterior lighting of your home’s façade and landscape lighting in the front yard. After dark one night, stand beside the street in front of your home and face your home so you can get a good look at it. What do you see? When you take in the total impression of your home’s exterior and the landscaping you can see from the street, is your home a winner—or is there work to be done?

Landscape Lighting – Front Yard— How well you’ll do in this category depends on what kind of features you have in your front yard. If you have a dramatic tree with a full canopy or interesting trunk, we can illuminate that to make it look like the most special tree on earth. Any trees, flowers or shrubs will stand out with a bit of landscape lighting, but we don’t want to overdo it. A little bit of landscape lighting goes a long way!

Landscape Lighting – Back Yardis an interesting category because most of the special features in the back yard are only seen by the family and invited guests. Unless … your home is on a tour! Regardless of who will see your back yard, make it beautiful at night by adding subtle illumination to your favorite outdoor elements. Those could be as simple as a prize rose bush. Do you have a fountain or some other type of water feature? An outdoor fireplace?

Pathway Lighting is sometimes overlooked but always essential. The primary purpose of pathway lighting, besides giving definition to the layout of your paths and walkways, is to increase safety. Sometimes we call it safe passage, the assurance that your guests and family members can walk safely because any tripping hazards are clearly illuminated.

Pool Lighting can be quite magical. If you have a pool, you already know how the water reflects light in strange and wonderful ways. Add some landscape lighting around your pool and even some color-changing LED lights in the pool and you are set.

Patio Lighting and Deck Lighting are essential and you don’t need to enter a contest to take advantage of lighting around your outdoor living spaces. Lighting around decks and patios creates an ambiance you can’t get any other way and increases safety, especially on deck stairs. The most effective patio lighting is usually landscape lighting focused on plants around the patio. The most effective deck lighting may be on the stair risers and the deck railings and posts. All of these lights are directed down onto the ground or deck and patio surfaces so they don’t create light pollution in the area. Then … we highly recommend string party lighting around a deck or patio. There is nothing more festive. We can set that up on a separate switch for you so you can use it selectively; however, many of our clients find they like using it every night. You, too, can make every night a special occasion with festive string lighting at your home.

First Prize All-Around Lighting— This category could be called “Best in Show.” It is the most coveted prize.

Halloween Lighting is not just for kids any more. Does your neighborhood have a contest featuring outdoor Halloween décor? Some spooky lighting will make your yard a contender.

Christmas Lighting and all holiday lighting—this is our favorite time of year! Were you aware that you can hire a professional outdoor lighting company to hang or install your exterior holiday lights? We love doing it! Call early to schedule your appointment because we do get busy ahead of the holidays!

As you can see from these exciting categories featuring outdoor lighting in Irmo SC, there are quite a few ways lighting can enhance the beauty of your home and landscape. Why wait for a contest?

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted, experienced outdoor lighting company in Irmo SC, and surrounding areas, call us today at 803-935-4611 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

To Make Your Property Stand Out in Dentsville, SC, Add Outdoor Lighting and Stir

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia has a special recipe for making your Dentsville home or business stand out, and the main ingredient is outdoor lighting. Professional outdoor lighting can take many forms, so we’ll just touch on the basics here, also known as … the highlights.

With I-20, I-77, US 1 and Hwy 277 all passing through the Dentsville area, the term crossroads comes to mind. Dentsville is also at the crossroads of yesterday, today and tomorrow. With so much activity competing for attention in Dentsville SC, outdoor lighting is a great way to show off the best features of your property.

Residential Outdoor Lighting in Dentsville SC

Outdoor lighting can do so much to enhance your home it’s hard to know where to start. The process of trying to select and install outdoor lighting yourself may be overwhelming, which means it’s time to call in the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia. What you may not know is the outdoor lighting you can buy in a home improvement store is not the greatest quality. This is really a task you need to call us for. We use high-quality lighting fixtures with state-of-the-art, energy-efficient LED bulbs that won’t send your electricity bills through the roof.

Residential outdoor lighting includes architectural lighting and landscape lighting. Have you noticed how beautiful homes can look when they feature a variety of outdoor lighting techniques? When compared to a home with professional architectural lighting, for example, a home with a simple porch light or a light at the end of the driveway just fades in comparison.

Architectural lighting is a way to show off your home’s façade, the textures and features such as columns that make it unique. These lights double as security lighting because they erase dark areas around your home, leaving would-be intruders with nowhere to hide. If you have security cameras outside your home, architectural lighting can help illuminate whatever your cameras are looking at.

Landscape lighting is what a lot of people think of when they hear the term outdoor lighting. Of course, landscape lighting will enhance the beauty of any landscaping in your yard, so it takes a professional eye to know what elements of your landscape can be illuminated most effectively. That’s where we come in. We will talk with you about what you’d like to see lighted in your yard at night. If you want to see the effects before we actually install the lighting, we can provide you with a free nighttime lighting demonstration at your home.

Path lighting is a form of landscape lighting we can use to make the walkways around your home safer. Pathway lighting distributes a subtle but effective amount of light along a driveway or path to help your family and guests find their way safely. If you have any stepping stones in your yard, we definitely want to use some path lighting there.

Lighting for outdoor living is not always mentioned but it’s always appreciated by homeowners who like the extra time to enjoy the deck and patio at night. If you enjoy a good cookout but don’t want to rush the food to finish cooking before dark, ask us about deck lighting and patio lighting. Do you have a fire pit in your yard? Outdoor lighting around the fire pit will draw your guests over to it every time. While installing lights around a place where you’re going to light a fire may sound counter-intuitive, it’s actually quite beautiful.

Nighttime curb appeal is another reason Dentsville residents like outdoor lighting. If you’re proud of the way your home looks and want to show it off, why let it fade into the shadows at night?

Commercial Outdoor Lighting in Dentsville SC

Outdoor lighting in Dentsville SC is not just for residential properties. If you own a business in Dentsville, you are at the crossroads of several major commercial streets. It’s hard to get noticed out there sometimes. Why not use every advantage you can? Nighttime curb appeal is important for businesses as well!

If your Dentsville SC business is not illuminated at night, start paying attention to those that are. As with residential properties, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can use architectural lighting and landscape lighting to enhance the attractive features of your establishment. Even if your business is not open after dark, it doesn’t hurt to present an attractive, attention-getting appearance to those passing by at night. How else will they notice you and remember where you’re located? If your business is open after dark, can you afford to be the one that’s not noticeable?

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted, experienced outdoor lighting company in Dentsville, SC, call us today at (803) 935-4611 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Why Do I Need Chapin Deck Lighting and How Does it Work?

Today we have a question for Chapin, SC, homeowners: Did deck lighting come installed with your deck, or did you have to arrange that installation separately? What? You haven’t had deck lighting added to your outdoor living space yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Those long, lazy summer nights on the deck won’t last forever. But don’t call just any deck lighting company in Chapin SC. Give us a call, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia, so we can schedule a time to come out and take care of that for you. Soon.

2 Reasons Chapin SC Homes Need Deck Lighting

It’s no fun to fall from a deck. Just ask someone who has tried it. Sometimes you fall down the stairs, onto the ground or into shrubs. None of these outcomes is pleasant.

As you might have guessed, one reason for deck lighting is deck safety. Navigating deck stairs can be tricky without sufficient lighting. Even the dog will hesitate to bound down the deck stairs in the dark.

Deck lighting for safety does not require a lot of lights, and they don’t need to be very big. For example, we have some pretty small lights we can attach to the deck stair risers that will shine some light on each step or every other step. We don’t want to make it look like an airport runway. We just want to help you and your guests travel up and down the steps safely.

The second reason you need deck lighting is for that all-important ambiance. What mood are you trying to set on your deck? Sometimes you want to relax and the mood is mellow. Sometimes you’re energetic, entertaining friends with a good cookout and some adult beverages on the deck. The mood is festive. Can you have both at the same time? There is a way we can set that up for you if we install festive string lighting on a different switch from the mellow, relaxing lighting. You can turn them both on, or one, or the other. You choose. It’s your deck! How about this: we can also put the lights on a dimmer so you can dial down that ambiance. We will work with you to design the perfect deck lighting for you.

In these photos you can see several different examples of professionally designed and installed deck lighting. All of these lights are pretty tiny, and they are angled to shine directly down onto the deck itself rather than into someone’s eyes.

  • Lights tucked under the deck railing
  • Lights near the top of each post at the head of the deck stairs
  • Lights about half-way down several railing posts—but not all of them, because a little deck lighting can go a long way
  • Lights on the post at the end of a stretch of railing

When Landscape Lighting is Deck Lighting

If you have landscaping around your deck, or trees nearby, it’s likely we can use a little landscape lighting to create some magic around your deck, too. It depends on how high your deck is and how effective lights in the bushes or trees around it would be. Every project we design is custom-made just for one home. Your lighting design will be unique depending on the elements that make up your outdoor living space: deck style, size and layout as well as specific landscaping features nearby. If you have taller trees near the deck, we may be able to use one of our most popular techniques: moonlighting. For that we install lights high up in a tree to shine down on the scene below. The effect is that of a full moon every night, regardless of cloud cover.

When is the Best Time to Call Your Deck Lighting Company in Chapin SC?

The best time to call us is now, and we are your deck lighting company in Chapin SC. Once you have deck lighting installed and your friends and family come over to admire it, we will become their deck lighting company, too. Don’t forget to recommend us!

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted, experienced deck lighting company in Chapin SC, call us today at (803) 935-4611 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

From Pine Trees to Magnolias, Azaleas to Roses, SEE Your Landscape at Night

Landscape lighting in Elgin, SC, brings your beautiful trees and flowers to life after dark

Whether your landscape features tall, stately pines or a mixture of other trees, shrubs and gardens, let landscape lighting enhance your home from front yard to back. In the front, we call it nighttime curb appeal. In the back, we just call it “how to enjoy your outdoor living spaces after dark.”

Taking Your Landscape from Dark and Dull to Warm and Glowing

When you add landscape lighting to your Elgin, SC, yard, your landscape will not go from dull to dazzling because dazzling is way too bright. When Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia brings landscape lighting to your home, dazzling is not the effect we are striving for. Stunning, yes. Amazing, yes. Beautiful, warm and welcoming—yes. All of these will describe your yard after we design and install outdoor lighting specifically to show off your most beautiful trees and other focal points around your home.

The effect of landscape lighting is to draw the eye of anyone passing by. Not only will your friends and neighbors admire your yard when it is awash with the gentle glow of landscape lighting, but so will your neighbors’ friends. You may start a trend in your neighborhood because, trust us, when they see landscape lighting at your home, they will want it at theirs.

Landscape Lighting Creates a Cascade of Beauty in Front of Your Home

With darkness everywhere else, the subtle and pleasing light enhancing your front yard will create nighttime curb appeal. Everyone talks about curb appeal as though your house can only be seen in daylight. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia, we see no reason why you must let your front yard go dark at night! So many people have only a porch light or two in the front of their home. They miss so many opportunities to create an impression!

When you set up a lighting consultation, our professional outdoor lighting designer will meet with you to point out the places in your yard where landscape lighting would be most beneficial. We use several different lighting techniques and different types of lighting fixtures to achieve professional results. In the front yard, we look at your landscape from the point of view of someone passing by, if your home is visible from the street. If your home is set farther back, we will design a lighting installation to greet your guests as they enter your driveway and proceed toward the house. Landscape lighting also increases safety, not just for guests but for your family, too.

Landscape Lighting Increases Your Enjoyment of Outdoor Living Spaces

Where is your deck, patio or pool? In the back yard, right? Where do you and your friends and family spend the most time at outdoors at your home? In the back yard! Whether it’s a cookout for 20 or just five or six friends gathered around the fire pit, landscape lighting will improve everything about your back yard. That’s right, everything. Safety? Yes. Ambiance? Yes. Romance? Of course!

Do you like to eat dinner out on the deck or patio? You don’t need to rely on a few flickering candles if you want to see your food—and see the faces of the people with whom you’re dining. Your Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia lighting designer will add subtle lighting to trees and shrubs around your deck or patio to benefit you whether you’re dining or playing horseshoes after dark. Ask us about our moonlighting technique, which casts a gentle glow down through your trees and onto the ground below. You can have moonlight at your home every night, all year long, regardless of cloud cover in the sky.

Path Lighting, the Workhorse of Landscape Lighting

While outdoor lighting can be absolutely breathtaking, it has a practical application as well. Safely lighting your walkways, stepping stones and steps to the house ensures greater safety for everyone. Will guests arriving at your home follow a specific path to the door? Are the steps to your house well-illuminated for safety at night? Path lighting along your driveway—or any path or walkway on your property—will go a long way to increasing safety at your home. Landscape lighting in Elgin, SC, is most effective when combining beauty with safety.

Landscape lighting may seem like something you can install yourself, but like anything else, the job is best done by professionals who are trained and experienced. We are professional outdoor lighting designers and technicians. We know the tricks of the trade and will put them to work at your home. No one setting up an outdoor lighting installation without the proper training—not to mention experience—will achieve anything close to the stunning effects our designers will bring to your home.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted, experienced landscape lighting company in Elgin, SC, call us today at (803) 935-4611 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Your Lexington, SC, Home Deserves The Beauty Of Landscape Lighting, Too

When you think of landscape lighting in Lexington, SC, what comes to mind? Are you under the impression that only huge estates with formal gardens covering many acres have landscape lighting?

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia shift your perspective regarding landscape lighting in your area by giving you an assignment. For the next week, try to become keenly aware of landscape lighting wherever you go after dark. You’ll see its effects at commercial establishments if you’re driving at night, but what we especially want you to notice is landscape lighting in residential areas. Whether it’s in your neighborhood or any other, when you see landscape lighting, what catches your eye? Do you find it appealing? Do you wish your yard was illuminated that beautifully?

These photos give you some idea of how you can recognize landscape lighting. If you don’t currently have this beautiful lighting installed at your home, then consider a picture of your home as the “Before” photo. Perhaps you have a light at your front door, or even one on each side of the entry. That’s usually the extent of lighting seen at homes without professional landscape lighting. It’s not that your home isn’t beautiful; it is. But who can see that at night?

The photos with this article are examples of the “After” photos. After landscape lighting has been installed, your most beautiful trees will be gently illuminated, your walkways will be visible at night and your outdoor living areas will be more enjoyable after dark. Your home will become more welcoming to your guests, and you will also feel better arriving home after dark to a cheerfully-illuminated home.

What is landscape lighting in Lexington, SC?

We do want to make sure we’re all talking about the same thing when we refer to “landscape lighting.” It’s a phrase you’re seeing over and over in this article, but what do we mean by it?

What Landscape Lighting Is

  • Landscape lighting is designed by professional outdoor lighting designers.
  • Landscape lighting is installed by professional outdoor lighting technicians and designers.
  • Landscape lighting is used in the front yard primarily for curb appeal and to welcome guests.
  • Landscape lighting is used in the back yard around your deck, patio or pool areas for the personal enjoyment of the family and your guests.
  • Landscape lighting is a way to make your walkways and stairs safer—including the stairs to your deck.
  • Landscape lighting reveals the beauty of your home so it no longer disappears in shadows after sunset.

What Landscape Lighting Isn’t

  • Landscape lighting isn’t what you get when you purchase outdoor lights and install them in your yard (unless you are a professional outdoor lighting designer).
  • Landscape lighting isn’t what you get when your landscaper installs outdoor lights in your yard for you.
  • Landscape lighting isn’t just for people who live on huge estates.
  • Landscape lighting isn’t bright or glaring.
  • Landscape lighting isn’t an outrageous drain on your electricity bill because today’s LED lighting is so energy efficient you’ll hardly notice the expense.

Note: If you already have professional landscape lighting installed at your home, we salute you because you are very wise.

Special Lakeside Uses of Landscape Lighting in Lexington, SC

If you have a home on Lake Murray, or any other lake, you are eligible for a special type of landscape lighting: dock lighting. That’s right. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia call on you at your lake house to show you how dock lighting can make trips to down to the dock and back to the house safer. This is especially important if you have children or grandchildren because you know how they sometimes dash about without looking where they’re going. At dusk or dark, this can be quite dangerous around a dock or along a rocky path to the house. Not only will landscape lighting enhance the beauty of your lake home, it will make potential tripping hazards visible and increase your family’s safety at night.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted outdoor lighting company in Lexington, SC, and surrounding areas, call us today at 803-935-4611 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

When Outdoor Lighting Enhances Community, Beauty, Safety and Enjoyment, You Need That!

We know Forest Acres, SC, residents are proud of their little city on the edge of Columbia, and proud of their homes, too. Generations have grown up here and raised the next generation. New families are finding homes here and retirees never want to leave. The sense of community is palpable, and one way residents nurture that sense of community is to add outdoor lighting to their homes.

Maybe you’ve never looked at outdoor lighting that way, but it’s like a warm and welcoming handshake to your community. Coming out of the shadows to put on your best appearance each evening is a way of showing pride in your community, too.

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting in Forest Acres, SC

The primary benefits of installing outdoor lighting at your Forest Acres home include beauty, safety and enjoyment. Let’s look at each of these to see how outdoor lighting would benefit you.

The Beauty of Exterior Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can install architectural lighting to reveal the beauty of your home’s exterior at night. It’s also called exterior lighting, and we use professional lighting techniques to illuminate your home’s architectural features. Instead of one or two weak porch lights, we will make the whole front of the house visible at night. We use subtle lighting and are careful not to shine lights into your windows! If you’ve worked hard to increase your home’s curb appeal, there’s no need to lose that effect when the sun goes down. Nighttime curb appeal makes a strong statement.

The Beauty of Landscape Lighting

Does your Forest Acres home have mature trees, shrubs and gardens that give your yard a rich, lush appearance in the daytime? You can extend that effect into the night with landscape lighting. One of our professional lighting designers can visit your home and talk with you about what favorite trees you would like to see illuminated. Whether you’ve been nurturing your rose garden for years or have just installed a fountain with flowers planted around it, let us illuminate those so you can enjoy them at night, too. The secret to effective landscape lighting is being very selective about which trees and plants to illuminate.

The Safety Aspects of Outdoor Lighting

Whether your yard is large or not so large, you may have a walkway or steps that don’t get enough light. By installing path lighting in these areas, you can eliminate tripping hazards and simply give family and guests more light to see where they’re walking. Another side of safety is security, and outdoor lighting can help in that regard, too. When dark areas around your home are eliminated, would-be intruders will not be quite as interested in approaching your home.

The Enjoyment You’ll Gain with Outdoor Lighting

If enjoyment doesn’t seem to go with lighting, just stay with us for a moment. We have installed outdoor lighting around decks and patios for homeowners all over the Columbia area, including Forest Acres. The comment we most often hear from our clients is how much more use they’re getting out of their outdoor living areas after we’ve added outdoor lighting. A little bit of deck lighting or landscape lighting around your deck, patio or pool will add the ambiance you didn’t realize you were missing. Eating outdoors is more pleasant with subtle lighting, too.

Let the Professionals Take Care of Everything

When you’re thinking about installing outdoor lighting in Forest Acres, SC, this is not the time to do it yourself. It may seem simple enough: go to the store, buy some lights and stick them in the ground. However, you will get nowhere near the beautiful effects that you’ll have if you hire a professional lighting company like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia. Unless you happen to be a professional lighting designer, that is.

Our lighting designers have been trained in this work and have years of experience perfecting their craft. It is an art, knowing which lighting techniques and fixtures will create the most effective outdoor lighting—and that can vary depending on whether you’re lighting structures or landscaping. You can count on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to use the most up-to-date and energy-efficient LED technology available. When you purchase lights in the store, you have no way of knowing how they rate compared to the high-quality fixtures we use. With our design capabilities and the latest lighting technology, we have an advantage over the do-it-yourselfers that you can’t dismiss.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted outdoor lighting company in Forest Acres, SC, and surrounding areas, call us today at (803) 935-4611 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Explore the Many Facets of Exterior Home Lighting Around Cayce, SC

When you hear the words, “exterior home lighting,” what does that bring to mind? Do you get one image, or more than one? Are you seeing an entire slide show? You should be, because exterior home lighting in Cayce, SC, can mean more than one thing. Let’s take a look around.

Architectural Lighting Shows Off Every Angle of Your Home’s Façade

Is your home all on one story or is it a lofty two-story abode? Either way, you have a lot to be proud of. Every home in Cayce, SC, should be treated like the queen lives within. Maybe she does! Let’s show off that home you work hard to provide and maintain.

When we say architectural lighting shows off every angle, we mean every nuance and each little nook and cranny, and the effect is beautiful! The play of light across your home will enhance some points and send others into a slight shadow, creating texture where the scene would otherwise appear flat.

Our professional outdoor lighting designers have techniques—we’ll call them “tricks of the trade”—ways to use each kind of outdoor lighting fixture to achieve specific effects. Often we shine a light that’s pointed up along the front of your home, but not too bright! We aren’t going to shine lights into your windows and keep you awake at night. We use a gentle wash of light that’s subtle but just firm enough to make an impression.

Curb Appeal Lighting Puts Your Home on the Map

Okay, we’re venturing a bit into landscape lighting here, and that’s another one of our specialties, but today we’re looking at it through the lens of exterior home lighting. When you think of curb appeal, that’s usually in the daytime, and it’s often in the context of putting a house up for sale. Why save curb appeal just for the daylight, and why save it for the “For Sale” sign? We believe your home should exude curb appeal all the time.

When your exterior home lighting includes a bit of landscape lighting, you can have curb appeal day and night. Your neighbors are still out and about after dark. Let your home be a beacon for the neighborhood that says, This is a great place to live. You, too may be out and about after dark. Don’t you want to come home to a well-lit house with a cheerful entryway instead of that dark and dismal house of olden days?

Welcome Lighting Greets Your Guests Faithfully

Remember that saying, “We’ll leave the light on for you”? That was a great idea, wasn’t it? With exterior home lighting, you can welcome friends and family when they arrive at your home for dinners, cookouts and Super Bowl parties. If you have guests arriving from out of town, and they’ve been driving so long they’re bleary-eyed, imagine how grateful they’ll feel when they pull up to a cheerfully-lit home. Don’t hold back! Let your exterior lighting welcome them with open arms.

Be Sure to Include Your Outdoor Living Spaces When You Think of Exterior Home Lighting in Cayce, SC

Finally, let’s take a look at exterior lighting around the back of your home. If you have a deck, patio or pool, exterior home lighting can transform those areas at night and turn them from forgotten-after-dark to let’s-spend-more-time-outside-again-tonight! Those areas called outdoor living spaces are your favorite part of your home sometimes—why not all the time? Our clients who add outdoor lighting to a deck, patio or pool area tell us that right away they start spending a lot more time out there. It’s your outdoor living space, use it all you can!

If you enjoy entertaining on your deck or patio, you’ll find your entire evening is more enjoyable when you add some lighting at the back of your home. It might be deck or patio lighting or maybe lights for the pool and cabana. Task lighting makes your outdoor kitchen a little more user-friendly after dark, and don’t get us started talking about the beauty of exterior lighting focused on your outdoor fireplace or water feature. Your back yard is where you can kick back and relax. Let our professional lighting designers design an exterior lighting plan with a few strategically-placed fixtures to enhance the area at night. It won’t look like the SC State Fair has arrived, we promise.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted outdoor lighting company in Cayce, SC, and surrounding areas, call us today at (803) 935-4611 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Why Home Exterior Lighting Means SO Much More Than Porch Lights

What comes to mind when you think of home exterior lighting in Columbia, SC? An overhead porch light? Maybe two porch lights, one on each side of the front door? When you enter “home exterior lighting” in your web browser, you will probably see quite a few ads for outdoor light fixtures you can purchase at home improvement stores.

Hmm. That’s not what we have in mind for your home. We’re thinking we can do better, a lot better. When you hire an outdoor lighting company to illuminate the exterior of your Columbia home, you’ll get much more than a porch light or two. We’re thinking curb appeal. Or should we say, Curb Appeal!

Be on the Lookout for Above-Average Home Exterior Lighting in Columbia, SC

Take a ride around your favorite Columbia residential neighborhoods and you’ll get a feel for the wide range of outdoor lighting efforts people are making—the good, the bad and the ugly. If you look at more than a few examples, pretty soon you can recognize the difference between professional exterior home lighting and the Do-It-Yourself kind. Which do you like better? Which makes you think, Wow, I’d love for my home to look like that!

Without using lights that are too bright or glaring, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can artfully illuminate the front of your home very effectively. It really doesn’t matter how large or grand your house is. We find that home exterior lighting makes any house look great!

Our Tools of the Trade Are More Than Meets the Eye

Your professional outdoor lighting designer from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia will use lighting techniques that far surpass a porch light in terms of effectiveness. We use handcrafted, energy-efficient outdoor lighting fixtures that you probably won’t even notice unless you purposely look for them. These high-quality fixtures are made of copper or brass that will weather to a rich patina over time. We often place light fixtures in the ground with the light angled up to illuminate the façade of your home. Every nuance of your home’s exterior is enhanced when our gentle light washes over it.

So, yes, we’ll illuminate your front door—but as a showpiece, not as if we just want guests to be able to see the doorbell. We deliver curb appeal. Curb Appeal!.

What architectural features does your home present? Exterior lighting will enhance every feature of your home’s face. An arched doorway, a complex roofline with several gables, columns, a second-story balcony? Our lighting designer will illuminate every element to bring out the best effects.

You’ll Gain Added Benefits of Home Exterior Lighting

You expect professional outdoor lighting to enhance your home’s beauty and provide curb appeal. What you also get is a welcoming ambiance that will make you proud to come home to this house each evening. Your guests will feel more welcome when your home greets them with a rich, warm glow. Even more important, you’ll gain increased safety because the path to your door and your front steps will be lit sufficiently. You’ll gain increased security because a well-lit home deters crime. Your home will be the envy of the neighborhood with exterior lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted outdoor lighting company in Columbia, SC, and surrounding areas, call us today at (803) 935-4611 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Give Your Lexington Home Added Depth & Texture After Dark With Professional Architectural Lighting

Helloooooooo Lexington, SC … Show us your curb appeal! If your home’s nighttime curb appeal could use a boost, we have the perfect solution, and you don’t have to lift a finger—after you pick up your phone and call us, of course.

The answer to boosting any home’s curb appeal after dark is a specific type of professional outdoor lighting called architectural lighting. It’s really just like it sounds. We illuminate your home in such a way that the lights draw out the special features of your home’s façade. Our skilled work with lighting will add depth and texture through the contrasts of light and shadow. It’s a kind of artwork, really, which is why we have professional lighting designers on staff. They know just how to position our beautiful brass or copper light fixtures to achieve the desired effect.

Finding an architectural lighting company in Lexington, SC

When you’re looking for a good architectural lighting company in Lexington, SC, let us give you a recommendation: it’s us! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the best and most reliable outdoor lighting company serving the greater Columbia metropolitan area and suburbs. We love Lexington!

We are aware that some landscaping companies also offer outdoor lighting, but we need to caution you about that. Lighting is a side job for them, not their primary business. In comparison, outdoor lighting is all we do! We are a locally-owned company and we focus 100% of our resources on outdoor lighting for residential clients and businesses in the Columbia/Lexington area. Your architectural lighting installation will have our full attention.

The benefits of professional architectural lighting

Let’s circle back to curb appeal. The beauty of your home is clear during the daylight, but what happens to that curb appeal after dark? If you have a pair of porch lights, you’ve lifted it out of total darkness, but you can do more. We can do more for you. This is true for your home whether it is large or small, older or new, decked out for holidays or in its every-day state. Architectural lighting enhances each and every home where it has been installed.

Architectural lighting has additional benefits: to increase your security and safety outside your home and to cast a welcoming glow. Outdoor lighting does help deter crime. And the lights illuminating your home will also throw some light onto your front porch, steps, front door (of course—that’s a focal point) and your path from the driveway to the door. Architectural lighting will reduce the likelihood that you, your in-laws and other guests will trip and fall due to poor lighting.

See it for yourself with a nighttime lighting demonstration

If you want to get a taste of what architectural lighting can do for your home, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can schedule a free nighttime demonstration to show you the intended effects of your lighting plan. First we’ll come out to your home and look at it from several angles to determine which lighting techniques and fixtures we will use there. Then we’ll create a custom lighting design for you and make an appointment to come back another day about 15 minutes before dusk. We’ll set up temporary lighting, and at sunset we will turn on the lights. Based on our experiences with many, many clients, we know you will be amazed and very pleased with the results.

We also take this opportunity to alleviate any concerns you may have about light pollution and the expense of paying for the electricity to power your outdoor lighting. Regarding excess light shining on your home, we are careful not to angle lights in such a way that they’ll be shining through your windows at night and keeping you awake. We wouldn’t want that to happen at our homes either! Regarding the monthly utilities expense, we can use LED lights that are so energy efficient they use about 80% of the energy used by previous technologies (incandescent and halogen lights). If you’ve had outdoor lighting in the past, you will notice the electricity bills are lower this time.

While the photographs you see here are beautiful, pictures don’t actually do justice to the effects. That’s why we offer a free demonstration so you can see it for yourself. If you have even the slightest interest in architectural lighting at your Lexington home, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of our free nighttime demonstration.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted outdoor lighting company in Lexington, SC, and surrounding areas, call us today at (803) 935-4611 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

With Outdoor Lighting, Your Chapin Home Will Be the Envy of the Neighborhood

If your idea of nightlife revolves around a small, friendly town on a beautiful lake, then Chapin, SC, is your town, and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the company to light your dock.

Yes, you read that correctly; we want to light your dock. Not too brightly, just enough so you can see where you’re going on those nights when the moon isn’t out. While we’re there, we can set up some outdoor lighting for safety along the path from the dock to the house, and around the outside of your home. You’ll probably want landscape lighting, too, because you’ve worked hard on that landscape, and it’s a shame for it to go so dark at night no one can appreciate it.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Chapin SC Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting fulfills several needs. Starting with the dock, lighting increases your safety outdoors. If you have children who run willy-nilly from the house to the dock and back again several times a day, they could use light out there in the evening. How many times have you taken the boat out on Lake Murray in the late afternoon and found darkness had set in by the time you got home? Dock lighting comes in handy!

Your life doesn’t stop at the dock, and your outdoor lighting shouldn’t either. Lighting in your yard and around the house can be incredibly beautiful. Our professional outdoor lighting designers know just how to illuminate the architecture of your home as well as your trees, shrubs and flowers. We use several kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures, and each one creates a specific effect depending on what you want to see (and show off!) in your yard after dark.

Outdoor lighting can be almost magical in its beauty. It brings out hidden textures and dimensions around your home and landscape that aren’t visible in the daylight. At the same time, outdoor lighting increases your safety and security by erasing the darkness where people fall down and prowlers could hide at night.

More Reasons You Need an Outdoor Lighting Company in Chapin SC

Do you have a deck, patio, pool, outdoor fireplace or fire pit? An outdoor kitchen? Let us show you how our subtle outdoor lighting techniques will exponentially increase the amount of time you can spend enjoying these outdoor living spaces after nightfall. If your home is the one where friends gather, increase your hospitality quotient by adding soft light to your outdoor living areas. The days of your party breaking up after sunset will be over. No longer will you need to move the group inside because it’s so dark out back you can’t see who you’re talking to.

Here’s what we won’t do: We won’t bring spotlights and shine them on your windows so brightly you can’t sleep at night. That is not what you get from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia, the best outdoor lighting company in Chapin, SC.

We know not everyone in Chapin lives on Lake Murray and has a dock. Any home in Chapin will benefit from outdoor lighting to show off the beauty of your home at night, increase your safety and increase the time you can spend outdoors after nightfall.

To some, Chapin SC is the “Capital of Lake Murray” (Wikipedia), while to others it’s simply a charming, small town they love to call home. Show your Chapin pride with outdoor lighting that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted outdoor lighting company in Chapin, SC, and surrounding areas, call us today at (803) 935-4611 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Why Shouldn't Outdoor Safety Be Beautiful, Too?

We may take a simple pathway for granted until it’s too dark and someone takes a tumble. Adding lights along the pathways at your home will go a long way toward keeping family members and guests safe at night. What you’ll find, if you have Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia set up the path lighting for you, is that the effect is absolutely beautiful. You weren’t expecting it to look that great?

Pathways come in all widths and can be created with materials like gravel, stepping stones, concrete, pavers or flagstone. The larger your yard, the more likely you are to need pathways guiding your guests from one area to another, especially if there is a change in elevation. One pathway may carry people from the driveway to the front door while another takes them from the front of the house around to the patio or garden in back. Is your garden large enough to have pathways winding through it? Wouldn’t that be beautiful if it were lit at night? It would be exquisite.

When lighting provides safe travel from one area of your property to another, your family and friends are much more likely to use your outdoor spaces after dark. Why should pathways only function during the daytime? Let our professionally designed and installed low-voltage pathway lighting open up your outdoor spaces at night, too.

Your source for low-voltage pathway lighting in Columbia, SC, is Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia. We’ve been installing outdoor lighting in the Columbia area for over 10 years. We know all of the tricks of the trade to create the most amazing outdoor lighting effects for you. Pathways have never been so inviting.

If you have shrubs or flower beds lining your pathways, all the better. Our low-voltage lighting fixtures are made of copper that will develop a beautiful patina in the outdoors after a bit of weathering. While the fixtures themselves add a bit of charm to your paths, if we intersperse them among nearby shrubs and flowers beds, you’ll hardly see them. What you will see is a rich, warm light that brings out depth and texture you don’t see in the daytime, and enough light to guide you safely to your destination.

While you may not have considered this, pathway lighting works along docks, too. Safety is always a concern at the lake, so why let your outdoor walkways become unsafe after dark?

When you work with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to design and install your low-voltage path lighting, we know you’ll be pleased with our level of service and attention to detail. We offer expert installation and free service throughout the first year after your installation.

To find out how Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can bring added beauty and safety to your walkways after dark, call us today at (803) 935-4611 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

A Free Nighttime Demonstration is the Best Introduction to Outdoor Lighting in Blythewood, SC

Are you one of the residents in this charming town still on the fence about outdoor lighting in Blythewood, SC? Come on, give it a try! Keep reading to learn about our free nighttime lighting demonstration, which we can set up so you’ll see how outdoor lighting will show off your house and yard. See your home in its best light!

Which Kinds of Homes Benefit From Outdoor Lighting?

Whether you own an historic home in the Blythewood area or live in one of the newer housing developments here, your home can benefit from the attention of outdoor lighting. Ranch style, cottages, Craftsman style, two stories, one story, brick, stone or wood siding, any and all of these homes would be enhanced by the magical effects of outdoor lighting.

Why should I have outdoor lighting installed at my Blythewood, SC, home? you may be asking. There are many reasons, so we’ll just look at the top three for now.

Top 3 Reasons You Should Have Outdoor Lighting at Your Blythewood Home

  1. It’s beautiful. It’s just that simple. Our professional outdoor lighting designers know how to use lighting to the best effect. A tree here, a flower garden there, the walkway to your front door, the camellia bushes flanking your front porch, the architectural façade of your home — each point we illuminate suddenly comes alive with beauty. We’ll ask you what focal points you want to light, and we’ll make some suggestions based on our experience lighting other South Carolina homes.
  2. It increases your safety and security. You and your guests are less likely to trip when walking a well-lit path to your door or garage. Prowlers are less likely to visit a home where previously dark areas are now visible.
  3. You’ll get more use out of your outdoor living spaces. If you have a deck, patio or pool, you’ll be amazed at how much more time you, your family and guests will spend outdoors after dark when you add lighting to those areas. The outdoor living spaces of your home will become more relaxing and inviting with just a touch of lighting at key points. How do we know? We’ve seen these results many times, and we’ve had clients tell us what a difference outdoor lighting has made when it comes to entertaining outdoors or just relaxing after a busy day.

Types of Outdoor Lighting in Blythewood, SC

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia specializes in all of these types of outdoor lighting. We can custom design the most effective lighting plan for your Blythewood home.

  • Architectural Lighting
  • Garden Lighting
  • Pathway Lighting
  • Walkway Lighting
  • Deck Lighting
  • Patio Lighting
  • Dock Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Holiday Outdoor Lighting

Did you see that last one? Holiday outdoor lighting? It’s true; we do that!

Now, back to that thing about a free nighttime lighting demonstration at your home. Our lighting designer will meet with you there, walk your property with you and ask questions about your goals for outdoor lighting. Then, we’ll design an outdoor lighting plan for your home, front and back (if that’s what you want). We’ll make an appointment to come back just before sundown so we can set out temporary lighting according to the plan we’ve designed for you. When darkness falls, we’ll flip the switch and you can see how wonderful your home will look with professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting. There is no charge for this demonstration. Our purpose in providing it is to show you what outdoor lighting can do for your home. We will exceed your expectations.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia has been the most trusted name in Blythewood, SC, outdoor lighting for the past decade, call us today at (803) 935-4611 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Why is Commercial Outdoor Lighting in Columbia, SC, a Sound Investment?

Every business that can be seen by people passing by at night needs professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting. That’s a strong statement, and at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia , we feel very strongly about it.

If your business is open after dark, having commercial outdoor lighting is a given. For restaurants and shops, lighting at night draws business and creates ambiance. But even if you close your doors before nightfall, nighttime lighting at your property serves some very important functions.

  • Outdoor lighting deters crime.
  • Outdoor lighting enhances safety.
  • Outdoor lighting can help you stand out from your competitors.
  • Outdoor lighting attracts the eyes of people passing.
  • Outdoor lighting publicizes your business.
  • Outdoor lighting reminds people where you are located.
  • Outdoor lighting helps build brand awareness.

Commercial outdoor lighting in Columbia, SC, is a sound investment.

Speaking of investments, commercial outdoor lighting is not as expensive as it used to be! Our highly-efficient LED lighting installations can reduce energy consumption by up to 75% over the previous halogen lighting systems. If you looked into outdoor lighting at your business some time ago and crossed it off your business plan because of the monthly expense, look again.

If your business has a lighted sign out front with your business name on it, and you think that’s enough, you may need to reconsider. Have you seen how effective professional outdoor lighting can be? As you drive around after dark, during the next couple of weeks, remember to look carefully at businesses that clearly put time and attention into their outdoor lighting installation. It makes a difference.

What types of commercial outdoor lighting are right for your business?

As with our residential outdoor lighting, we use several professional lighting techniques for commercial outdoor lighting in Columbia, SC, including these:

  • Architectural up-lighting to enhance features of your building, adding depth and texture
  • Pathway lighting for safety
  • Landscape lighting including garden and tree lighting
  • Festive string lighting for restaurant patio dining and music venues

Our lighting installation will be custom designed for your location. First, we provide a 100% free outdoor lighting design consultation. We’re meticulous with our professional installation, and we use the latest technologies and premium fixtures. After the installation, we’ll drive by your business at night to make sure everything looks just right. We’ll return to make adjustments if needed.

To show you we mean business, our outdoor lighting warranty coverage is excellent.

  • Lifetime warranty on transformer and copper and brass fixtures
  • 5-year warranty on LED bulbs and electronics
  • 2-year warranty on Lighting Control Automation
  • 1-year warranty on halogen bulbs, digital timers, lens covers and commercial fixtures

A special note for those in the hospitality industry

Hospitality professionals already appreciate the need for commercial outdoor lighting. We don’t need to convince you how effective it can be. No hotel, restaurant or bed and breakfast would be without it. Are you getting the highest quality LED lighting design and service from your current provider? If you’re curious to see how we stack up, give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia has been the most trusted name in commercial outdoor lighting in Columbia, SC, for the past decade, call us today at (803) 935-4611, or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Lexington SC Dock Lighting Makes Your Family's Safety A Priority

Are you expecting any surprises at Lake Murray this spring? Whether you live on the lake year-round or just open up the lake house for spring/summer/fall weekends and holidays, you always experience that first weekend when you assess conditions. In preparation for boating, you need to make sure everything is in good shape, especially if the house has been closed up. You have to check on the condition of your dock, the lake’s edge and the ramp from the lake’s edge to the dock. And of course there’s the boat. You always get it checked out to see if it needs maintenance after the teenagers rode it hard last summer. Or maybe that was you.

Back to the dock and the ramp. One of two facts will be true: Either you have dock lighting that needs to be inspected annually (and this would be a good time for that), or you need to have dock lighting professionally installed. And this would be a good time for that, too.

You Have Dock Lighting; You Need Maintenance

Let’s start with those of you who already have dock lighting in place. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia has an Annual Maintenance Plan that will cover inspection and adjustments typically needed at the beginning of the season. We check your fixtures, bulbs, timers, wires and connections, and we make sure your landscaping hasn’t overgrown any of the lighting. If you have halogen lights, we want to talk with you about upgrading to LED outdoor lights because that will get you a savings every month on your energy bill. LED outdoor lights use 80% less energy than halogen, so we’re advising everyone to upgrade. If you haven’t worked with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia in the past, that’s okay. We also service systems installed by other companies.

You Need Dock Lighting for the Safety of Your Family and Friends

Now, for those of you without dock lighting, we recommend you call us and let our professional outdoor lighting designer come out and draw up a lighting plan for you. We’ll look at your dock, the lake’s edge along your property, the path from the house to the dock — really, any place where safety could be an issue. It takes just a second for someone to stumble and lose their footing when stepping down from the dock ramp in the dark.

While outdoor lighting is beautiful, and some people purchase it for beauty alone, at the lake it’s all about safety. That’s doubly true if you have children or older people making the trek from the house to the dock and back again. You may set out in daylight and fully expect to return before dark, but it doesn’t always work out that way. You have lights on your boat, don’t you? You may not plan to use them, but you have them in case the darkness beats you home. The same need exists for dock lighting.

Professional Lighting Design and Installation is Best for Dock Lighting in Lexington, SC

Did we lose you back there when we said “professional outdoor lighting designer”? If that phrase conjures an image of ladies in floppy hats drinking champagne out on the lawn at dusk, trust us. We have lighting designers who know their way around a lake house from the screen door down the rocky path to the dock bobbing gently on the water. You want a professional lighting designer and installer who knows what to look for around the dock area and where lights will be most effective. We have your safety in mind.

Our initial design consultation at your property is free. If you purchase outdoor lighting from us, the first year’s annual maintenance inspection is included. After that, you can sign up for the continuing Annual Maintenance Plan. The best dock lighting in Lexington, SC, is the dock lighting that’s adjusted and kept in peak working order each year.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia has been the most trusted name in Lexington, SC, dock lighting for the past decade, call us today at 803-935-4611 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

See Lexington SC Landscape Lighting in a New Light with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives®

Your Lexington, SC, home, no matter how great it looks, could look even better with a touch of landscape lighting in the right places. You may have put lots of time, effort and money into cultivating a graceful and welcoming landscape at your home, but who can see the beauty of it at night?

If you’ve driven past other homes with landscape lighting, you know what we’re talking about. Or maybe you’ve seen the palmetto trees lit dramatically at the bank or the country club at night. It takes just a little well-placed light here and there to transport the landscape into a whole different dimension.

What’s holding you back from taking your Lexington, SC, landscape to the next level? Maybe you don’t know where to start. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can help you with that!

Selecting your vantage points

First, where are the points from which you would like to enjoy your landscape lighting? Are you looking out into your yard from the living room or dining room? What would you like to see at night? The lake, the flower beds, the hedge row lining the driveway? Next, think about it from the other direction. Would you like to illuminate the view of your prettiest tries between the street and the house? Or maybe you’re outside on the deck and you’d like to see out into the depths of the back yard. Maybe you’re thinking of safety and you want to light the walkway from the house to the patio.

Could landscape lighting in Lexington, SC, help you enjoy using your yard more at night?

Are there ways you’d like to use your yard at night but just haven’t done it for lack of light outside? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can help immensely in this respect. Perhaps you have a patio, porch or deck that has seemed shrouded in darkness. With illumination of the surrounding area, suddenly the space becomes cozy and inviting. Would you be more likely to use the fire pit in the back yard if you could see your way to it at night?

What would give you extra safety and security at night?

While landscape lighting in Lexington, SC, is primarily known for its beauty, it can also contribute to your home’s security and safety. The safety of your family and guests increases when your paths are lit. Lighting that creates an enchanting glow along your rows of border plants can also double as a driveway light. What’s more, would-be intruders will drive right on by when your yard and home are illuminated with landscape lighting.

Nighttime in lights at the lake

If you live on Lake Murray, or have a second home there, you’re probably already thinking about the ways landscape lighting could enhance your lakefront property. The view from the lake up to the house could become warm and enchanting. The view from the house to the lake could show you the pathway to the dock, the lake’s edge and the dock itself. Let the professional lighting designers of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia show you how to get the most benefit from landscape lighting.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia has been the most trusted name in Lexington SC landscape lighting for the past decade, call us today at (803) 935-4611, email us at [email protected] or fill out the form to the upper right. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Columbia SC Outdoor Lighting

What Makes for An Excellent Outdoor Lighting System For Your Columbia, SC Home?

The perfect outdoor lighting system for your home is one that’s carefully and meticulously designed. If you don’t have an outdoor lighting professional that’s fully capable of providing a design for your home’s architectural facade and landscape, then the lighting effect won’t be adequate. If you’ve ever driven by a home that has solar lights installed along a pathway and wondered why they don’t look that great, it’s mostly just because of the outdoor solar lights. However, the main reason behind outdoor lighting systems that look tacky or overly illuminate a home is due to improper design.

Outdoor lighting system design can refer to not only the location of outdoor lighting fixtures in and around your yard, but it can also refer to the type of outdoor lighting fixture utilized for a specific area. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia, we take our time to understand your goals and objectives for your outdoor lighting system, then we create a design that’s custom-tailored for your home and your home alone. There’s no “one size fits all” approach to creating an elegant outdoor lighting system.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted name in Columbia, SC, outdoor lighting, call us today at (803) 935-4611 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

What is the Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia Difference?

When you’re searching for a professional to perform an addition to your home, repair for your car, or any other service that’s important to you, what factors do you search for the most? Is it their professionalism? Is it their attention to detail? How do you find out these attributes when searching online? More than likely you’ll read their Google Reviews. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia, we take pride in our ability to provide top-tier outdoor lighting that leaves our customers breathless. It’s one thing to say “The Night is Ours”, but it’s another thing entirely to bring perfect illumination to your home and landscape.

As your local outdoor lighting experts in Columbia, Blythewood, Lexington, SC, and surrounding areas, it’s our goal to not only meet your expectations but exceed them entirely. It all starts with our 100% free design consultation. Here we will evaluate your home and property to determine what fixtures would create the best effect on your home’s facade and your landscape. Once we have a good idea of the different methods of illumination that would create the best outdoor lighting effect, we’ll then take your goals and objectives into account. This allows us to create a custom-tailored outdoor lighting system that provides safety, security and increased curb appeal.

You more than likely resting and relaxing on your patio, porch or deck during these pleasant fall evenings. If you’re being chased indoors earlier and earlier as the days become shorter, then just call your local outdoor lighting experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia today. You can reach us by calling (803) 935-4611, emailing us at [email protected] or by filling out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Bring Elegant Illumination to Your Outdoor Living Areas with Columbia, SC, Outdoor Lighting!

When you arrive home from a long day, or long week’s, worth of work, don’t you enjoy relaxing outdoors to forget about the stresses of work? However, what do you do once the sun fully sets? If you find yourself headed indoors earlier than you would prefer, then you should consider the benefits of outdoor lighting for your Columbia, SC, home. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can show you why The Night is Ours, and show you how we can make it yours, too!

The most common complaint we hear, regarding lack of illumination, is that homeowners can’t stay outdoors as long into the evenings as they would like simply because they can’t see. There are numerous methods that can be utilized to ensure that your outdoor living areas not only look phenomenal at night with outdoor lighting, but we can also ensure that there’s enough practical illumination as well. Uplighting can bring your trees to life, pathway lighting can ensure there’s no tripping hazard once it’s dark, and down lighting can provide a unique effect, we call it moonlighting.

Don’t settle for the dim, unappealing illumination provided by your porch lights. Why not add a little character to your home and outdoor living areas? You stand to gain increased curb appeal, increased safety and security at night, and you’ll be able to enjoy all your outdoor living areas for as long into the evenings as you would like. You can even set when the lights turn on and when they power off. You’re in control for every aspect of your home’s outdoor lighting system, from design and installation to its overall operation. If you want a “set it and forget it” system set up, we do that too!

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the most trusted name in Columbia, SC outdoor lighting, call us today at (803) 935-4611, email us at [email protected] or simply fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Landscape Lighting Ideas in Columbia, South Carolina

Landscape lighting is something that offers so much more than, well, just light. The primary use of landscape lighting is to provide a warm and inviting glow for you, your family, and visiting friends and guests. The next time you drive through your neighborhood, pay attention to the homes and take notice of those that appear welcoming. Without a doubt, the homes equipped with landscape lighting will appear exponentially more appealing and inviting than those with a dark, dormant yard. Columbia SC landscape lighting offers you the opportunity to create a welcoming entrance to your home long into the evening hours.

Professionally designed and installed landscape lighting adds depth and texture to your yard’s trees and plants that would go unnoticed in the dark of night. Properly implemented landscape lighting should be subtle. You would never want to describe your landscape’s lighting as harsh; a subtle illumination of certain trees and flowering plants within your yard will be pleasant to the eye. This calm glow highlights the delicate leaves and branches and brings them to life at night.

When we turn our attention to the backyard, landscape lighting becomes more intimate, more personal. This is the area where you and your family will spend the majority of your time. Whether you have a fire pit, hot tub, pool, or outdoor kitchen, professionally installed landscape lighting can extend these areas’ usability at night. The illumination provided by landscape lighting not only adds a sense of safety and security to your backyard areas, but it also creates a soothing, relaxing ambiance. You once may have dreaded having guests over for a cookout because you couldn’t see what you’re eating. With professionally installed landscape lighting, you and your guests will be able to relax in your gorgeously illuminated outdoor dining area and see perfectly.

To find out why Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia is the top tier Columbia SC landscape lighting company, give us a call at (803) 935-4611, email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Outdoor Lighting Can Bring Your Columbia Home's Best Attributes to Life at Night

No matter how great your home looks during the daytime, if you don’t have enough illumination come nightfall, it’s going to either disappear or become dormant and uninviting. This is the hard truth for a 1 million dollar home or a $10,000 home. Professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting can bring both curb appeal, as well as added safety and security come nightfall. Recently, we installed outdoor lighting for the University of South Carolina’s Chi Omega sorority. Needless to day, it turned out to be a big success!

While you may think of outdoor lighting as simply an aesthetic application, it also has highly practical uses as well. First, outdoor lighting keeps the grounds illuminated come nightfall. Statistically speaking, would-be intruders are much less likely to target a well-lit home than they are to target a non-well-lit home on the very same street. In addition to the added security, there’s always the factor of safety while walking on the property at night. As you can see, there are no dark zones in which you could not see where you’re walking. This reduces the likelihood of someone tripping over a step or other obstruction within the yard itself.

Notice how the property itself is cascading with subtle illumination? This will also create an inviting atmosphere for the homeowners once arriving from class or work. Also, any guests they invite over won’t arrive at a dormant, uninviting atmosphere. It truly takes a professional outdoor lighting system designer to create the perfect, custom-tailored layout for your home’s outdoor lighting system. We work with you to understand your goals for your outdoor lighting, then we create and install the perfect system.

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Have Maintenance Performed on Your Columbia, SC Outdoor Lighting System Prior to the End of Daylight Saving Time

The carefree days of summer are over and the leaves are starting to turn color and fall from the trees. Do you know where they are landing? Most of them are in your yard ready for you and your rake, but a few of them are dropping into your outdoor lighting fixtures. Like every other system in your home and yard, Columbia outdoor lighting needs a certain amount of looking after to keep it in tip-top working condition. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia’s systems are designed and installed to be low maintenance, but they live and work outside and require a touch of TLC to do their jobs.

What should be done to maintain your outdoor lighting system this fall? It should be checked for any loose wiring or wire that has surfaced and needs to be re-buried. Leaves and branches may have fallen from trees doing damage great and small. If there was a lot of growth in your garden over the summer, some plants may need to be trimmed or fixtures moved to accommodate the growth. While our high-quality LED bulbs last a long time, older halogen system may need a bulb change here and there. It’s important to be sure you are having them replaced with the right size and correct wattage and beam spread so that you continue to enjoy the lighting design that you have come to love.

So, when daylight saving time ends and you are changing the smoke detector batteries and calling the irrigation guy to come blow the water out of your system, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia a call to do a quick evaluation of your outdoor lights. We can get your system in shape for the upcoming season. You can reach us by calling (803) 935-4611, emailing us at [email protected] or by filling out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Columbia, SC Deck Lighting to Extend Your Time Outdoors this Fall

The heat of the summer seems to be subsiding a bit and the cooler evenings are a good incentive to spend time outdoors on our decks or patios. But, have you noticed the days are getting shorter as well? You don’t have to head inside just because the sun has set. Instead, call the outdoor lighting experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia to enjoy those magical moments longer.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can design an outdoor lighting system that transforms your deck or patio into a magical area where everyone can enjoy the evening. Patio and deck lighting doesn’t have to be contained to just steps and posts. We’ve got some terrific lighting options for other areas; all made from copper and brass and cast the perfect amount of light.

Our low voltage 10-watt deck & wall sconce light can be installed on your posts or retaining walls and casts a wide indirect wash of light. The ‘half-moon’ sconce’s copper finish weathers the elements with grace; in fact, it will gain a gorgeous patina the more it’s exposed to the elements. This fixture can also be used on steps instead of traditional lighting, offering safety for your guests and family as they join in the fun.

The right lighting can make a very dramatic statement, especially when designed and installed by a professional outdoor lighting company. We have many design ideas for the most unique situations and would be happy to discuss your space with you. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you make memories on your decks and patios. You can call us at (803) 935-4611, email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Commercial Hospitality Lighting is One of Our Many Specialties at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia

When it comes to preparing your outdoor venue for the pleasant fall evenings to come, nothing quite compares to the atmosphere and ambiance created by professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting. Festive, or cafe lighting is quickly becoming one of the most popular outdoor lighting methods to accentuate outdoor dining areas. Not only does it look absolutely fantastic but it also provides a practical amount of illumination as well.

When it comes to festive or string patio lighting in Columbia SC, don’t try to do it yourself. Remember, if your lighting is set up in a tacky manner, you’re better off not having any lighting at all. It truly takes a professional to come up with the right design which matches the outdoor area you’re wanting illuminated. We will take the necessary time to find out your goals and objectives and incorporate them into our outdoor lighting design. If you’re wanting to really wow your clientele, professionally designed and installed festive lighting is the way to go.

For all your festive, or string patio lighting needs, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia today at (803) 935-4611, email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Columbia Landscape Lighting

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia, our outdoor lighting fixtures are built to last. We only use superior, top of the line materials like solid copper that are designed to react with the elements over the years to develop a gorgeous patina finish rather than fade or chip like other outdoor lighting fixtures can. While Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia’s high quality outdoor lighting fixtures do most of the work for you, there are a few things you can do to help make sure you’re getting the most out of your outdoor lighting system.

Give your Columbia landscape lighting regular, professional check-ups.
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia’s maintenance is simple and easy. If you’ve just installed your system, we’ll provide one year of free service and repairs to make sure your outdoor lighting gets off on the right foot. Whether you experience an unlikely malfunction or just need a few things tweaked here and there, our friendly professionals will come to your home and handle all of the hard work for you. If you’ve had your system for a while now but are still interested in this first-class protection, ask about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia’s maintenance plans when you call today.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve invested in an Annual Maintenance Plan, we’re always ready to help you get the most out of your Columbia outdoor lighting system.

Get out in the yard yourself to check for potential problems.
The easiest way to make sure your Columbia landscape lighting is as safe and looks its best is to get out in the yard every few weeks to check out those fixtures yourself. Be on the lookout for broken fixtures that may have fallen victim to burrowing animals or even a fly ball from the kids. See if your systems wiring has surfaced or any bulbs are burnt out. When it comes to your outdoor lighting system, we’ll even help you adjust your fixtures to account for overgrown trees or bushes.

That’s why this weekend, we at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia ask that you and your family make plans to get outside and enjoy the atmosphere in your backyard. While you’re out there, take note of any trouble areas you notice, such as uneven lighting or loose fixtures, and give us a call so we can get out there as soon as possible and help make sure your system always looks as good as the first day we installed it.

Every Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia landscape lighting system is built to last, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about regular maintenance. Don’t have an outdoor lighting system installed by us? No problem. Our experts can help maintain, repair and even upgrade most systems, regardless of whether or not we were the ones who originally installed it.

Call today to learn more about Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia high quality fixtures and what you can do to get the most mileage out of your home’s outdoor lighting.Or, fill out our form below, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Landscape Lighting in Columbia, SC is Our Specialty!

If your home’s landscape completely disappears once the sun goes down, what can you do to change that? After all, your landscaping is an investment, and one that shouldn’t become invisible just because of nighttime. Professionally designed and installed landscape lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can bring your landscaping to life at night, as well as provide it with unique character.

Attention to detail, years of experience and our dedication to unrivaled customer service are all factors which separate us from other outdoor lighting companies in Columbia, SC. Take a look at the video below to see exactly what we can do for your home’s landscape during the evening hours:

To have your 100% free nighttime demonstration, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia today at (803) 935-4611, email us at [email protected] or click the orange “Contact Us” button to the top right. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Commercial Outdoor Lighting in Columbia, South Carolina

Does your small business become desolate and virtually disappear once the sun goes down? There are numerous reasons this could adversely affect your business. Commercial outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia can bring illumination and noticeability to your business long after the sun has gone down.

So, what can outdoor lighting do for your small business? Consider the following:

  1. Safety

  2. Security

  3. Noticeability

  4. A Welcoming atmosphere

Adding Safety and Security to Your Business After Dark
Safety and security are absolutely critical for any business owner. You want your customers to feel they are safe when entering and exiting your place of business. Well lit areas are much less likely to be targeted by would be intruders and thieves than dark areas in the same business complex. In addition to safety, you want to ensure there are no tripping hazards which will go unnoticed if there isn’t adequate lighting.

Provide Your Customers With a Warm Welcoming
If your business hours run into the evenings, providing your customers with an inviting welcome is imperative. After all, no matter what type of business you run, greeting your customers with a smile and making them feel welcome comes with the territory. With commercial outdoor lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia, your business can be a welcoming beacon, subtly awash in light.

Get Noticed Even While Your Business is Closed for the Evening
You don’t want your business to be literally invisible to passersby after dark. This goes for whether you’re still open or your business hours are over. People driving past your business will still notice your business at nighttime with professionally designed and installed commercial outdoor lighting. Your storefront should catch the attention of any and everyone who drives past your business. Leave it to the professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia.

If you have a commercial business in need of exterior lighting, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Columbia today at (803) 935-4611, email us at [email protected] or click the “Contact Us” button to the top right for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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